22.11.2016: Investoren fordern Abkehr von fossilen Brennstoffen


Listen to the interview with Jochen Wermuth


Source: Deutschlandradio Online



22.09.2015:  Can the world rely on renewable energy?


Guest Speaker: Jochen Wermuth


Source: Al Jazeera







05.08.2015:  Obama's clean power plan: Is it achievable?


Obama's climate action and the new industrial revolution based on renewables. The end of US global dominance? Al Jazeera Inside Story


Guest Speaker: Jochen Wermuth


Source: Al Jazeera



31.03.2015: Outlook for Russia's economy


Jochen Wermuth, Managing Partner of Wermuth Asset Management, talks about the Russian markets, adding that if Moscow focuses solely on oil and gas, it will suffer.


Guest Speaker: Jochen Wermuth


Source: CNBC




26.02.2015: Interview with Jochen Wermuth


Source: Huffington Post


Climate Change: A Conversation About Art, Investment and Science




27.01.2015: Interview with Marina Shestakova


Speaker: Marina Shestakova


Marina Shestakova, Chief Risk Officer from Wermuth Asset Management in Moscow tells us what impact increased sanctions might have on Russia.


Source: BBC





26.11.2014: Jochen Wermuth on Energy Transition at TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014


Speaker: Jochen Wermuth




Jochen Wermuth, the founder of the Green Gateway Fund (Germany), is contributing to the workshop on Energy Transition and financing tools for renewable energies and energy efficiency.





06.02.2014: Waste of time exploring for new oil and gas: Pro


Guest Speaker: Jochen Wermuth


Source: CNBC Squawk Box


Jochen Wermuth, founding partner and chief investment officer at Wermuth Asset Management GmbH, says it is a "complete waste of time" exploring new oil and gas reserves because environmentally, we "cannot afford" to burn it.