Investment Approach

The Wermuth family has commited to invest 100% of its assets in an impactful fassion. The family principal Jochen Wermuth is a member of the "100% impact" and "Europeans for divest-invest" steering committees. 


The Wermuth family invests its capital primarily in funds advised by the staff of Wermuth Asset Management GmbH. Through performance fees the partners of the firm participate in the upside of the investments; because they commit their own money to the funds for which they are responsible, they are also affected by the downside.


The family looks for positive total returns over the medium and long term. At the same time it focuses on investments which help to improve the environment.


As a general principle, ethical considerations determine how the family allocates its money. Climate change abatement and the fight against corruption are on-going committments of ours.